25 June, 2008

Cherry Trees, Class Play this Friday and the Last Day of School

Dear Parents,

Laura Wynne has made a beautiful design for the parking lot, which includes a lot of flowering cherry trees. She has already collected money toward it, from the business sector. We would like to ask for a contribution of 50 euro each so that we can buy 9 flowering cherry trees. This would be an end-of-year present that would live and grow into the future, creating beauty and something to remember your children by.

If you are willing to do so, please pop the money into an envelope and give to a teacher, or come this Friday, with a cherry tree for us to plant!...because...

On Friday 27th of June at 7pm, after a hard days work, you are invited to come relax and giggle at our play about noses! After the play we will say farewell to the Graduating Class 6, followed by a party. Please bring something yummy for us all to eat.

For those with Class 5 and 6 children, please be sure to arrive at 6:30 so that the actors can dress and prepare.

Grandparents are especially welcome.

Kind regards, Gale

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