24 April, 2009

Handwork group

There's a new hand work group starting this Friday 24th April.

After school dropoff, in the Parent and Toddler room; all are welcome. Bring ideas, material, books, etc.

Parent and Toddler has a roof!

As I’m sure you have all noticed, our little garden has had many worker gnomes visiting it recently. The cob oven and seating area has recently been given a fabulous roof. The foundations have been laid for a little gnome house. The pond has the beginnings of a bridge, and the sand pit is still inching its way to completion. That’s to say nothing of the herb and flower beds which are slowly popping up.
There is probably not a family in the school which hasn’t in some way contributed to creating this magic, so to you all we say thank you. With an extra special thank you to the people who have given up their weekends to assist.
The garden development is ongoing; we meet on a Monday morning. So anyone who would like to enjoy the spring, and allow their creativity to flow, please join us. Or if you would like to meet other parents in the school, please join us. Toddlers not required.
As always, if you know anyone who has preschool children who might enjoy meeting other parents at their stage of life, please let them know about the group. We meet Tuesday mornings 9am to 1pm. They can drop in at any time. For further information call Laura 086 853 9848.

22 April, 2009

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Many thanks to fundraising coordinator Mary Davies; the fundraising is amazingly active and productive.

Recent Events - Cello Concert
The recent cello concert was a great success, as was the raffle held there. Many thanks to Georg Martens, and to Dunshane for all their support. We raised €1000 for the school.

Traditional Music Nights
There are two great Traditional Music nights to look forward to at the Moate Theatre in Naas on 26th May and 2nd June. More on that to come.

Mini Marathon
Still time to get involved with the Mini Marathon; we have approximately 20 ladies walking for our school on the 1st June. This promises to be a great fun day. Sponsorship forms are available from Mary--remember, even if you're not walking, please take a sponsorship form and help collect for someone who is. It is looking like we will be organising a bus to take us up and back, leaving from the school.

Parachute Jump
A group of crazy parents and teachers are doing a parachute jump later in the summer! If anyone would like to know more about this, contact Angie.

Apple juice
A reminder that there is still some of our delicious apple juice left at €3.50 a bottle or €52 for a case of 16.

The Changing Scene

We hope you are enjoying the spring bulbs. The classes are working hard to create a beautiful garden in front of the school, using plants donated by a nursery. Soon, creepers will be twining around the pagoda, while little paths will wind around the cherry trees and flower beds.

The poly tunnel has gained a gravel path around it and a beech hedge. It looks ever so attractive. The next step is to get water to the tunnel, so that we can begin gardening. We need to have a mini-digger for a day. If you can help, please contact Gale at 045 406962.