25 June, 2008


Welcome to the first post of the Kildare Steiner School Blog!

My name is Natasha and I will be the first of the parent moderators for this blog. Please consider this the beginning of what I hope will be an enlightening, inspiring and useful resource for the school which will work to meet the following needs of our school community:

• Communication between parents and faculty …to explore ideas and possibilities regarding school development. This is not meant to replace email or obviously, face to face connection.

• Announcements for Events/Activities/Class & School Outings - meant as a complement to the posted handouts at the school and those received through the children.

• PR, Enrolment and School Promotion – With the overall idea that the activities and events of the school would be documented over time, the collective material that would accumulate here on the blog can become a contributing factor to the means by which prospective parents looking into the school might use to determine and assess the value of sending their children to the school.

• Fundraising – Aside from grant work and conversations that are most often done behind-the-scenes, this will be a place to exchange, propose and explore ideas related to increasing funds for the school. This might also be the place where ideas previously discussed at meetings can be posted for the community response.

As I’m sure you know, we had two recent fundraising events earlier in the month, the Flag Day on June 6th and Bag Packing Day on June 12th. Both were very successful in raising funds for the school and raised collectively over 1200 euro. Through the blog we will be able to post follow up comments on past events. Many thanks to our teachers, parents and students for your time and contribution!

• Site Development – With our ongoing list of needs and wants for our school grounds, many of the issues both immediate and down the road can be posted for all to see and respond to.

The blog will also have ongoing features, which you will find to the right of the screen, known as the Sidebar. Sidebar Features will provide an ongoing slideshow of recent events (above), as well as something of a portal, where to the right, you will find links to the following:

a. Steiner Community nationally/globally
b. Inspiration – Steiner Schools around the world
c. Articles on Steiner Education
d. Among other things…

Through the medium of a blog, needs, issues and successes relating to our school can be available for all to partake.

Please see the second post for the How-To of the Kildare Steiner School Blog! This is meant to work for us as parents and faculty, to help us work dynamically together. We welcome you and your participation.

Best wishes for our blogging experience, Natasha

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