09 October, 2008

Feile na Samhna or "Festival of Halloween"

Please join us for a special Sustainability festival planned on Saturday, 1st of November in Newbridge at the Ryston Social Club. It is an all day, ongoing days event from 11am - 11pm.

As a community-based initiative geared up for fun and celebration of community, the objective of the Feile na Samhna is to create a space for people to meet, talk, learn and consider a range of positive solutions to address the challenges we face today in reducing our dependency on fossil fuel. The focus will be on fun, fusion and action!

This one day, colourful family friendly event will offer an opportunity to sample a range of workshops on traditional hand crafts and skills, informative talks on sustainable living, facilitated discussion forums as well as fantastic low-tech kids entertainment. Add to this a heritage exhibition compiled by local students and history renactment displays, local artists, dancers, performers and musicians and you have a tremendous day ahead!

This event was seeded from ideas inspired by the Transition Towns movement, the Community Powerdown Toolkit and FADA.

Please join us on Saturday, the 1st of November in Newbridge at the Ryston Social Club! See you there!

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